Final Days to Raise Needed Funds for New Steve Bell CD Project

 Steve Bell / Where The Good Way Lies

 release date: October 2016



We’re in the last few days of our Kickstarter campaign to raise needed funds for my new CD/ LP, Where the Good Way Lies.

w/ co-producer Murray Pulver

w/ co-producer Murray Pulver

Things have changed so much in the last decade. We really do need to raise funds on the front side of projects now instead of assuming expenses will be recovered through sales after release. The patronage model (crowdfunding, grants, sponsorships etc.) is now how boutique music companies and independent artists fund their work.

As of today, we’re still almost $4000 short of the $20,000 we hope to raise to cover partial costs of production. The campaign ends this coming Monday, April 18th at 4:15 pm, so this post is a reminder for those of you who would still like to help out.

If you go to our Kickstarter page, you can see a video we put together about the project, and view the rewards that come with various levels of participation. Even if you are not in a position to contribute, check out the video… it’s kinda fun.

Help fund the production costs of Steve Bell’s 20th career album, Where The Good Way Lies.

Donate HERE…

I’ve included below a sneak peek of a couple of songs (in raw form) that will be included in the project. The first song, “Let Beauty Awake,” is inspired by an NT Wright sermon that quotes from a Robert Louis Stevenson poem.  Wright added a stanza of his own, to which I added a couple of my own… (it’s complicated). I recently sang this song at the funeral of a friend. The man who gave the reflection at the funeral is also a friend who himself is suffering a terminal illness.  He used the structure of my song for the structure of his reflection and since posted it online. It’s quite moving and you can read that HERE…

The second song, “Freedom Road,” is an instrumental ditty I wrote last spring at the onset of getting involved in a public campaign to build a road for Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, effectively marooned 100 years ago by an aqueduct built across their traditional lands in order to create a water supply for the city of Winnipeg… (it’s complicated).  You can read about that story HERE…

These are two of the 10-12 songs that will appear on my new album to be released this fall. Recording has already begun with sincere hopes that funds will be in place.

Thank you so much for considering this. I’m very aware of how blessed I am to be my age and still doing this work. This is largely because the wider community has been so very supportive.





Music by Steve Bell
Stanzas 1 & 2 Robert Louis Stevenson
Stanzas 3&4 Steve Bell
Stanza 5 Tom Wright

Let beauty awake in the morn from beautiful dreams,
Beauty awake from rest!
Let Beauty awake for Beauty’s sake
In the hour when the birds awake in the brake
And the stars are yet bright in the west!
Let Beauty awake from rest

Let Beauty awake in the eve from the slumber of day,
Awake in the crimson eve!
In the day’s dusk end when the shades ascend,
Let her wake to the kiss of a tender friend
To render again and receive!
Let Beauty awake in the eve

While we, the gardeners of creation blessed
Furrow the soil at our saviour’s behest
And bury the seeds of our own life’s death
And suffer God’s glory to grow

Yes we, the priests of all that is made
Gather the greatness of creation’s praise;
That burgeoning freshness of glory displayed
From the depths of the earth below

Let Beauty awake, in the morn from the cool of the grave,
Beauty awake from death;
Let Beauty awake for Jesus’ sake,
In the hour when the angels their silence break
And the garden is bright with His breath.
Let Beauty awake from death



Freedom Road (instrumental)
Steve Bell



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